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Our Mission

Our mission is to awaken the transformative power within creative individuals and inspire them to free their highest selves through expansion, alignment, and creation.

Here's to the artists, entrepreneurs and creatives awake at 3am starving for a moment's enchantment!

We hope that you might find the balance between intuition and rationality, personal success and human prosperity & life and creation here.


Gifts & Shopping

Available September 1st!

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A Novel

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Poetry Collection

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Projects & Courses

Course In A Box Collection

The Course In A Box series is an exciting blend of education, art, and community. 

We teach a whole course, guide you through a project, and welcome you to our community, where you can chat with other members taking the same course.


Creative Programs & Retreats


Women's Accountabilitea

On August 11th, we're bringing together a blend of incredible women for a one-day retreat. Please expect some soul-penetrating laughs and tears, dreams and fears. Also, expect to walk away with a lovely surprise and new friends!


Shakespeare Today

What happens when you take a group of poets, allow them to free their highest selves, then release their highest selves into a story together?

This fall, a group of poets will gather together to share their life stories, envision a life where they all became their highest selves, and together write a story about their collective transformation. 

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Philosophy, Poetry & Content