Tomorrow, Your Apollo

Countless Kingdoms these legs’ve wandered
Plunged in tides and yet still risen
Volumes of knowledge I’ve yet conquered
Shelved this head a virgin prison.

Ancient verses I‘ve been taught
Thousands of tributes I’ve thus spared
Alongside servants I have fought
Yet love still finds me unprepared.

Wandering seas led you to my shores
And framed in light you gallantly stood
Through my heart a wavelength tore
And sparked a fire through the woods.

You emptied my mind of ancient kingdoms
And cleansed my soul of native tides
Snapped free the bars of endless prisons
And promised a love in which we’d rise.

But the hands of Dionysus let loose the wine
And waves of skies those mean reds swallow
Clenching valiantly my prophecy divine
As she rains the bleeding heart of Apollo.

“Love and madness,” he screamed with rage
Muffled by my suffocant breath
“Will fall to thee an endless cage
And lure swoons to their deaths.”

Fleeing the city of fallen ruins
To seek the words of Guinevere
I followed the road less travelled
To a fairer maiden it’d then steer.

Tea met me with the Fair Helen
Who spilled her heart out on her dress
Wearing the armor of beauty’s felon
And fragrance of Lady MacBeth.

Roam did I the lands with Caesar
Of human blood he’d spray perfume
Climbing the balcony to try to please her
Jesting at scars that haven’t felt a wound.

He drove me into the arms of Picasso
Where I played with forces I did not know
Pumping my veins with blood-filled tabasco
That let the seas of madness howl.

I sensed it all begin to fade
Captivated by the Serpent’s lullaby
I completely faded away
And murdered my only alibi.

Deep, deep down a deep, deep valley
Tickled a blazing glow
Who should I see but the brilliant you
Upon the pyramid of Maslow!

Looked back down a Ponce or two
At a wrinkle-collecting fountain
And realized that to reach the top
You’d have to turn the mountain.

A sapphire tinted pair of wings
An Angel wand’ring hidden spheres
Onto you my body springs
And into yours my faint arms flare.

With you lies the myth of  Socrates
A question far, far yonder
Untold volumes of hypocrisies
Still yet, I grow fonder.

In the heart of another crisis
In the fate of another tomorrow
You’ll be my Dionysus,
And, I, my beloved, your Apollo.

Again It Starts

To you my heart has flown
To yours my body’s fled
With yours my soul’s been sewn
By the angels’ golden thread.

A simple glance you’ve sent
Runs shivers down my spine
And everything dissolves
To where the stars align.

At night we close our eyes
To explore the vague abyss
Desires awoken inside
By a gentle midnight kiss.

Your chest rising and falling
Like a garden of musical notes
Your eyes calling and calling
To yours my body devotes.

A touch of love upon me
Ignites a vibrant hue
And the promises of your vision
Keep wide my eyes for you.

The thoughts of your hands nearing
The whispers of your breath
Eyes helplessly endearing
Brings resistance to its death.

Within your mouth a current
That forces my lips apart
The moment you hold still
We’re begging to restart.

You have my heart
The way it drops
The way it stops
The way it pops
And the way it starts

One More Fight

There lived no loss
In those past goodbyes
We’d always move on
Cause we always knew why.

And those who could’ve loved us
We’ll never wonder who
We’ll wake up every morning
With each other to pursue.

And if you need me to find you
I’ll always know where
The walls of hell I’d swim through
This to you I swear.

And if this isn’t true love
I don’t know what is
We dream in vibrant colors
Even in the darkness.

What matters isn’t when
Or why or how you’re not
Not who or where you’ve been
But that you own my heart.

But if we ever dare to
Brush this love away
Then I only wish to release you
From all debt, and
That these words I say today
You’ll remember to forget.

I promise I won’t commit
To a man who’s less than you
And if you find new happiness
I hope the same is true.

If you found her in a crowd
Did you two meet eyes?
Like we did?

When she talks sweetly
Does my voice echo louder?
Would you surrendered yourself completely
Every minute of every hour?

Can you see through all her lies
Within one single glance?
Feel your magic in her eyes
In the rhythm of a dance?

You wouldn’t, I suppose
Wonder if I feel the same;
Or that if she knows
You still taste like my name.

Will the tattoos of my kisses
Embedded in your skin
And in the blood still flowing
Still warm you from within?

When your arms’re nightly bounded
Will you feel like you belong?
Or are your ears still clouded
By my 4am song?

And will the violent waves
Of gentle waters arise
Above those resilient walls
Within your tender eyes?

Again and again
A day after another
Will time recycle
With every other?

When we’re no longer together
How long will it take to see
That your one true forever
Was only meant for me?

This time or another we’ll bother wonder
Why someone else is wishing you goodnight.


But my only question is:
Will that dark-clouded thunder
Cast upon a burning light—
To see us one more fight?

"I'm obsessed with making every moment of my life full of value and substance. I'm constantly fighting for miracle and adventure, and everyone around tells me to just enjoy life and stop fighting. Then I realized--I AM the adventure, and I AM the miracle. I'm fighting for myself and I will NEVER give up fighting for who I am. If the greatest adventure is life, and the purest miracle is this very moment, the what the hell am I even waiting for?"

Let's Play A Game

Me: Let’s play a game.
Him: I love it when you say that.
Me: It’s a psychology game I recently learned. Name your three favorite animals in order, and then three traits about each.
Him: Box turtles intrigue me because their lives and habitats are so distinctly different from other animals. They’re unique and still maintain a prehistoric air about them. Manatees interest me for the same reasons; they’re just so peaceful and seem to live with a grace that doesn’t match their physical appearance. Peregrine falcons are the epitome of predator in my eyes, but they can live in the middle of nowhere or in the bustle of NYC.
If I may, I’d like to hear your animals before you reveal the meaning of mine. See how accurate I am—about you and psychology.
Me: Taking my game and making it your own; how enticing. Mine are, respectively, the dragon for its majestic, magical, and all-powerful essence, the wolf’s sexy, fierce, and pack-loyal appeal, and finally, the hawk, for its divine, all-knowing, and free nature.
Him: I get the sense that every one of those adjectives applies to you.
Me: Your compliments are too gracious.
Him: I might see myself as a turtle and I definitely see the wolf in you. But in the end, we’re both birds.
Me: Does that mean we can fly away together? If so, I’ll race you.
Him: If we were birds, where would you want to fly to?
Me: We’d fly against the rotation of the earth, and challenge the laws of time.
Him: That might be the most attractive thing anyone’s ever said to me. I would be perfectly content to spend my life as avian time traveler. Join me?
Me: Don’t have to ask; just glance over beside you and smile back.
Him: Hillary, I am completely transfixed by you.
Me: If I ever fell behind, would you wait for me?
Him: Birds aren’t meant to wait, but some do fly in groups. As a hawk though, perhaps you’re meant to never look back. As for me, an endless journey with you is exactly the kind of trip I would enjoy most.
This was a conversation I had with a stranger many years ago. We never spoke after that.

The Artist's Reward


The best parts of a book, they say
Are the wrecks of an author’s life
The endless sighs and cries
Mistaken as a prize.

The Artist’s Reward, they call it.
An art I’ll recreate
Their sighs and cries together
I here hallucinate.

“I love you just the way you are,”
Claims the eye of an archive
Snooping for endless logic
Too precious to survive.

To retrieve a recollection.
Passed in end a void
Draws on the eye too blind
By sensations overjoyed.

The checklist delivered at birth
A love completed in theory
I do, but not enough to
Sacrifice vision for memory.

“I love who I’ve become with you”
Cries deep and fervently
The intensity of a newly felt love
To transform a moment’s eternity.

But the seduction of the highest height
Engraves a false forever
To secure against the ruins of time
With a thread of artless pleasure.

If the seduction of aesthetics
Dare snare our love confined
I pledge to cause the strength
to leave our present behind.

“We shall chat for all eternity,”
Suggests the awakened artist.
“With our love as the subject
and you as the object.”

And so it begins
The tragedy of an artist’s soul
Because a story that doesn’t end
Cannot be a story told.

But if this is the story
I’m destined to create
Let not my beloved surrender
to this awry art called fate.

“I love you for who you could be.
for what we will become,”
Transfigures the universal
A fantasy rich as none.

A reality in construction
Lives only in the mind.
As reality is its destruction
And ends this love with time.

And if we dare hold forever
to be truer than the now
Then each moment wasted
Stands truer than our vow.

The Artist's Reward is simply
our faith in Eternity.
Synthesis of the temporal and eternal
With freedom and necessity.
Combined with the infinite and the finite
I found in your company.
Two artists and one masterpiece
Stands our humanity against destiny.

The best parts of a book
Are the gems of an author’s life
Sighs and cries I now realize
Are sweet, sweet tunes disguised.

"I forget what the weather was like that day; probably cloudy with a chance of emotion. All I remember is that it was windy. It was the type of wind that would blow your words in the opposite direction so they would remain eternally wandering in search of lips that would never part."

"The best moments in reading are when you come across your own suppressed emptiness. You stand face to face with a character in your book, a person you never met, someone even who is long dead--and you finally realize that the book is not what you've been reading."

Nature's Touch To Miracle

“That’s not what you want to tell me. I know that because it wasn’t direct at all.”
“Neither of us follow the crowd, which means that we’re destined to walk our own paths. And as much as I’m grateful that we crossed paths in our own spectacular journeys, I don’t think we share a mutual destination. My journey isn’t for anyone else, and I suspect yours isn’t either. It’s wonderful to arrive at certain check points and find someone there to share the excitement with, but one day I’ll find myself in a place that no one’s ever been, and I don’t know if I have the grace to share that with anyone. My journey is one that I have to walk alone. Only then can I arrive at where I’m destined to go. And I love you because you are the same way."
"You know, when I was younger, someone told me that the worst thing you can do to someone is say I love you then walk away."
"Maybe it’ll be the best thing anyone’s ever done for you."
"Sounds too cliché for my liking."
"That’s because no one who says it truly understands it. That’s one of the things I’m on my way to find."
"Then let’s find it together. We’ll walk there together, because you and I both know that it’s one we want to share with someone. When the time comes, we’ll part ways. You’ll never reroute for me, I’ll never reroute for you. You never slow down for me; I never slow down for you. When we part ways, we don’t look back."
"What shall I fill the gaping hole of your absence with then?"
“You know that you can fill the void with anything and it’ll be just as good if you let it.”
“Not everything is worth making a miracle into.”
“What are you so afraid of? You were the one who told me that everything in life is a miracle.”
“And I’m afraid of losing the natural touch to that miracle.”

One Star To Take It All Away

“How many stars does it take to carry our worries away--can one star take away one worry? If so, what happens when a whole sky full of stars can’t take it all away?
“Is it possible to be so noble that not even the stars deserve to carry the weight of your heart?
“At that point, do you continue staring at the sky and let it absorb whatever it can, or is it better to avoid the disappointment? For me, I feel like I’m betraying the stars when I stare up at the sky and can’t empty my mind. As if I can’t share everything with it—as if I’m keeping secrets.
“You think maybe we have a special connection with a star? That maybe we spend our whole lives releasing all our emotions to one special star. One day, the star dies and disappears, and we look up into the sky and feel only loneliness. We don’t even know why we’re sad, or that we are. And we never find out why.
“The stars are so many light years away. Maybe the sad souls are just the ones who have formed a special connection with a star that’s long dead.”
He didn’t answer any of her questions. Instead, he turned to her and asked,  “When’s the last time you heard the sound of your own breath?”
“What does it sound like?” she asked?
“The weight of the stars."

Showers of Thanks

He lifted his arms
And rendered a glance.
And all the world’s strength
Tendered at his hands.

As the deep skies
Swept us away
And surrendered all
We ever kept at bay.

And when we parted
Without a kiss,
I found myself wondering
About his lips.

Not knowing that one day,
He’d taste like my name
And that these lips of mine,
Would never kiss the same.

That crowded night, I
Caught my first breath of his air
And galaxies near and far
Scattered light everywhere.

The scent of his body
Felt just like home
This scent of his body
I now own.

The Love We Don't Betray

"I believe in a romantic love that exists beyond the boundaries of the universe. One so strong that we don't have to worry about betrayal. And I don't want to stop searching for it."
"You mean within us?"
"I don't think it's fair to ask anyone to stop searching for it. Because if there's something better for you, I want you to have it. If this love was powerful enough and everything you wanted, you wouldn't have betrayed it. So why are we asking for a lifelong commitment? We all deserve a love that we'll never betray and even think about letting go of."
"I’m not letting go of us. If you want to, just let me know so I can hold you that much tighter."
"Why would you want to hold me tighter? Why not let me go? You can let me go without letting us go." 

A Forever Gained

Thank you for my today
And all of my tomorrows
The rawest of your passions
Truest of your sorrows.

Tell me the broken stories
The deepest of your thoughts
Your mosaic of hopes and dreams
The battles that you forgot.

You can go on for a lifetime
I really wouldn’t mind.
About what keeps you up at night
The delightful and unkind.

And in the life after this one
I shall share with you my tale
Of a mountain and an ocean
Who let their love prevail.

One story after another
We shall alternate
One lifetime after another
Who will narrate.

Thank you, babe,
For the voice at the end of the night
Saying I’ll love you more tomorrow.

Thank you even more
For the morning of every tomorrow
For choosing us as your today.

I swear there are horizons
Longing to be discovered
Let us find them one by one.
I promise there are universes
Begging to be uncovered
The journey’s just begun.

And when it all downpours
I’ll join you in the rain.
Take my hand
And we’ll keep walking
And we’ll call it a forever gained.

Seasons of You

Please don’t ask me
Cause I won’t tell
How winter springs
And Summer fell.

But on October 11th
At the Topsfield fair.
Lived every season
Of every year.

The morning of spring
A colorful spectrum
Silent whisperings
“Welcome! Welcome!”

As the noon of all seasons,
The Legacy invites
A spirit of summer
To astounding heights.

An evening of Autumn
Still falling hard
A kiss goodnight
As our warmest regard.

At 4am
A winter’s time
I’ll make you mine.

Every color of autumn leaves
Links your Heaven to my trees
With every pattern of winter flakes
You decorate my breeze.

And every flower of every spring
Every beam of all the summers
At the heart of midnight, still blossoming
Holds in its core, the greatest wonders.

However summer falls or winter springs
You can find me at the beat of your heart
And you, in the very heart of my beat.

Vibrantly, Eternally.

The Eternal Strategist
And the Vibrant Dreamer
Summoned by fate
Eight months prior.

Revisited afresh
That Wishing Well
To conjure the elation from which
They fell.

A tender glide
Of wild breeze
Exploded two souls
A million degrees.

The universe on their shoulders
Lifting and soaring
Like every moment
Of Christmas morning.

His eyes in hers
A heart of gold
Lived the faraway galaxy
They’d soon unfold.

One moment in time
All stars aligned
A universe dissolved
Two souls intertwined.

An upward smile
An inward glance
They drifted within
The other’s trance.

A vibration of love
A luminescence
Beyond frequencies
Of quintessence.

Secrets unraveled
Demons pardoned
All was felt
Devotion yet hardened.

Within love’s chrysalis their galaxies collide
Vibrantly and eternally unified.

The Poems In You

Like a wildfire
Our souls linked hands
Each moment
Higher and higher
As twilight danced
Around us
All night long.

My fist gripped firm
My eyes squeezed shut
Resisting the squirm
Of billions
And billions of
Butterflies. In. Gut.

Your warmest of lights
Flooding over me
I found peace.
Your tenderness
Struck the wind out of me
I couldn’t breathe.

Gasping for my first breath
I inhaled yours
And exhaled love
And inhaled more.

Our eyes so dim
And hearts at rest
Converged within
A beating chest
A spark was one
Of billions among
The reasons why
I’m where you belong.

The poems in you
I’d close my eyes
And again
To Listen to.