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Coffee Shop Thoughts

A collection of short reads on the little moments of magic.


My Mission, My Promise

To absorb the magic in every moment, to breathe new life in every encounter, to strive each day to live my ideal day.

To live the most spectacular and epic life possible in a lifestyle that belongs entirely to me.

To find my people, the ones with this flame burning inside them to absorb and live, those who see and feel what others miss, those who live and dream in a different dimension, those who create their own truth--and to bring them together and ignite an explosion of truth, magic, creation, love, and beauty.

To discover and explore all forms of expressions in the universe and express myself through every medium.



Creating Your Own Truth

A collection on inner beauty, self-love, and spiritual freedom—to connect deeply with the universe around you.



A Little Magic For The Heart

Love Collection | Life Collection


Who Pronounced You Dead?

A collection of identity and healing, a reminder of who I am and the journey that brought me here. It’s also me at my most vulnerable.

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Prints & Stickers


Fleeting Moments

A collection of fleeting moments with beautiful souls.



“We don’t fall in love with people, we fall in love with the world that they live in and create for themselves everyday.”

Hillary Wen


Voracious Learner
Eternal Strategist
Vibrant Dreamer
Restless Adventuress
Boundless Visionary

Daughter & Sister

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