What's my relationship with the world?

The world and I are dance partners, and I am the choreographer.

- Hillary Wen


Dance & Movement: Videos to come soon!


Circus Trapeze

Close to a thousand feet in the air with only the bar to catch you, your body is forced to form a single straight line, thinking and acting as one. 



In order to still your body, you must first learn to still your breath, still your mind, and...

Release your breath and hand as one for precision and power.

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Martial Arts

Understanding your body, how it moves, what disrupts its flow and balance. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. How to stop their strengths before they can use them, how to bend and move as water and use their power against them. 

|Photos to come|

About The Body

Mind as body, body as mind. 

How can you learn to use your body if you don't challenge it?