Life List

To complete one per month beginning Nov 2017

Photos to be uploaded

MAY: Start A Business

JUNE: Participate in a movement I believe in, #alignmentmatters

JULY: Wild Mushroom, Archery

AUGUST: Martial Arts School


JANUARY 2018, Wine Making

FEBRUARY: Jacky Cheung Concert :)

MARCH: Wine-Making

APRIL: To Be Updated

1. Learn Magic

2. Attend Martial Arts Boarding School, Ongoing

3. See The Northern Lights

4. Accomplish Everything On Hildy's List

5. Pretend To Be A Reindeer And Pull My Sisters Down A Hill On Christmas Eve

6. Roll Down Hill Screaming "As You Wish"

7. Learn Hypnosis

"A Practical Guide To Self Hypnosis," Free audiobook on Librivox

8. Take An Electronics Class

9. Take A Robotics Class

10. Attend A TED Conference

11. Star In A Movie

12. Invent A Board Game

13. Buy Parents Vacation Package & Renovate The House

14. Publish On Political Theory With College Professor

15. Invent A Slang Word and Spread It Like A Disease

16. Write Random People Notes & Stick Them Into Their Mailboxes

17. Pass Out Socks To Homeless In The Winter

18. Choreograph A Piece For Professional Dancers

19. Design My Own Clothes

20. Buy A House For My Parents & Sisters

21. Study Game Theory

22. Create Mobile Game/App

23. Give Motivational Speech At A University

24. Teach At A University

25. 3D Drawing Class

26. Make Bath Bombs & Soap For Christmas Gifts

27. Day At Boda Borg & Complete All Levels Before Owner

28. Take My Family To A Jacky Cheung Concert, Completed February 2018

29. Millionaire Before 30

30. Personalize Bookshelf: Personal & Learning & Fiction

31. Build A Stage At Home To Sing & Perform

32. Caricature From Street Artist, Completed December 2017

33. Design & Build My Own House

34. Hunt For Wild Herbs & Mushrooms, Completed July 2018

35. Extract Honey From A Hive

36. My Child's Footprints At House Entrance

37. 24 Hours Without Sight

38. 24. Hours Without Sound

39. Write Children's Books With My Spouse For Our Kids

40. Learn To Fence

41. Dress Up As Different Disney Couples For Halloween

42. Explore The Waters In A Personal Submarine

43. Hang Off A Tree Branch (Pocahontas), Completed September 2017

44. Collect a Library Card From Every State

45. Make My Own Superhero Character & Costume

46. Attend Lantern Festival Singing "I See The Light" (Rapunzel)

47. Publish A Picture Book With Hildy

48. PhD

49. Circus Trapeze: Completed May 2017

50. Ordination

51. Firearms License

52. Own A Cute Little Shop Abroad

53. Live In A Temple For A Month Again

54. Attend Gala

55. Attend Fancy Ball

56. Knife Throwing

57. Archery: Completed July 2018

58. Fill A Room With Ballooons & Pop Them

59. Lock-Picking

60. Play Chess At A Chess Park

61. A Fight To The End: Diplomacy Double Date

62. Go On A Date Pretending To Be Someone Else (Mulan)

63. Play Old Computer Games With My Sisters

64. Wine-Making, Completed March 2018

65. Participate In A Movement I Believe In, Completed June 2018

66. Horse And Carriage Ride

67. Christmas Sleigh Ride

68. Six Pack

69. Family Nerf / Lazer Tag War At Home

70. Take Random Flight At Airport

71. Start A Business, Completed May 2018

72. Experience Zero Gravity

73. Sleep In The Back Yard

74. Dress Up As BigFoot, Sleep On A Waterbed & Watch "A Goofy Movie"

75. See A Fortune Teller

76. Help Someone Else Do Something On Their Bucket List

77. Meditate Behind A Waterfall

78. Save A Life

79. Start A Paint Fight

80. Aerial Silks

81. Live In A Cottage

82. Build Tree House In Back Yard

83. Climb A Mountain, Completed November 2017

84. Tell A Story Through A Cartoon Animated Movie

85. Go Zorbing

86. Find My Group

87. Work In Design

88. Fill A Wall With BlackLight Writing

89. Sponsor A Child

90. Compose / Choreograph A Dance In Morse Code

91. Believe In Myself

92. Teach At MV

93. Focus On Healing, Ongoing (WPYD)

94. Break Into My Sister's House & Leave A Puppy

95. Show Up To A Date In My Partner's Clothes

96. Break Out Of Handcuffs (Legally)

97. Perfect Skin

98. Write Another Book

99. Rewrite "Within Serenity Liese A Siren"

100. Live Alone

101. Take Family To Waterfire, Completed August 2018

102. Produce Music

103. Perform Spoken Word




Caricature, DONE!

NOVEMBER 2017, Climbed A Mountain