About Hillary


Voracious Learner
Eternal Strategist
Vibrant Dreamer
Restless Adventuress
Boundless Visionary Optimistic Realist


Career Today

In addition to my super job as an older sister to two of the most beautiful women and daughter to the most extraordinary parents, I fill my days with a little passion and adventure. There are two fundamental purposes that drive my life and career decisions:

1. To leave everything better than I find it
2. To learn and absorb voraciously

When it comes to life and career, I have what some might call insatiable learnerlust. Past industries include Finance, Legal, Fashion...etc. The fundamentals don't change though, I'm what my colleagues consider an organizational & people strategy junkie. 


Founder, When Toys Age

On a mission to help organizations craft forward-facing strategies and ecosystems that drive employee experience and ease the transition into the future of work in the age of AI. We specialize in job design, performance management innovation, and organizational advancement programs. 


Life Design Coach

 "One at a time, let the good things pile up." 

Life stylist, life designer, call me what you please. Bottom line is that I help design a cool thing called lifestyle. One habit at a time, we position our lives to attract the life, people & dreams we desire.


Newest Projects

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The Integrity Project

During a tough time in my life, I assembled a collection of quotes that paint a picture of who I want to become. A year later, I still open the book every day to remind myself of who I strive to become, and to ensure that every action and decision aligns with that higher self.  Friends who I've shared this with have participated in the project as well, where we now hold each other accountable to our highest selves. This project is not only about integrity, but also about accountability, clarity, and community. 


2018-03-16 17_48_48-eBook – Forager.png

Freeing The Highest Self, A Novel

The internal adventures of vulnerability, truth, and mental toughness of a girl who craved acceptance so much it destroyed her life. What happens when a girl is told continuously her entire life that she's destined to change the world one day? Something both beautiful and horrifying.

This tale takes us to her current journey of self-acceptance, self-love, and accepting the love of others. 


The Writer in Me

My Poetry | My Life


Challenge Accepted

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Yes, I have a bucket list. And of course I cross off one item each month! 


Spare Time Projects


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