Weekly Theme: Mind Full of Love


My friend and I were chatting about setting goals for the new year, and he introduced me to the lovely idea of adopting an annual theme. This idea deeply fascinated me, and given my current desire for agility, I decided to adopt weekly themes. This week's theme: A Mind Full of Love.

Glimpse of the week:

The choice of this week's theme was both simple and strategic for me. With H's birthday around the corner, I knew I wanted to focus all my energy and attention on her happiness. And a simple way to achieve that was to eliminate distractions of work. There was also an important meeting on Tuesday that I have spent years preparing for, and with the number of setbacks along the way, I knew I needed to approach it from a position of love and not work. 

This week felt amazing for me. With a steady rhythm of love and heart all week, I sensed a deeper connection beginning to develop between the mind and heart. And since I made the decision to open my heart, I've felt more in flow despite the increase in vulnerability. Other thoughts are that I'm more in tune with who I am in my natural state, along with some clarity on romantic desires--that the love truest to me at my core hold fewer attachments greater purity.

This week was mostly focused on H, but I felt that I was able to manage my time better on work as well, particularly on Monday. The theme of Mind Full of Love is extremely powerful and I want to explore it in the business realm. How to cultivate heart and love in my work. There's so much love and energy in me, and I'd like to find a way to channel the love into work. Perhaps that can be next week's theme. Baby steps. 

Having a theme really helps me focus on the right things. I also found some difficulty in finding my "one thing" for tomorrow.

Lastly, one area I want to work on is my patience with my Mom. Mom was retelling stories and I lashed out. H said to me that night that one day, we're going to miss all the stories and wish she was there to tell them one more time. 

Looking forward:

Next week's theme will be Building Bridges of Flow. This is a little more abstract and vague than I'd like to tackle in a week, but I see immense potential in it. It's about building connections with direction and power, and encouraging the connections to flow from one destination to another. 

One Thing: Next week I want to get my power coaching package out to various groups around Boston. My one thing for next week will be getting one person to sign up for a package. 

Other things to do next week: Find ways to build exploration/expansion into company cultures/processes whether through job design or through intercompany transfer/project collaboration programs. I'm feeling closer and closer every week. By the end of next week, I want to have a list of three different companies and propose ways to build exploration/expansion into their culture. Will take a lot of reading and podcasting, as well as a solid document to organize the ideas. In terms of how specific these proposals are, I want to leave it to the me this week to decide. My hope is that I will build a connection between my perfectionism and my desire to complete tasks. Or something bigger--between my passion and my flow at work. 

A good place to start today is to build a template for the proposal using excel. Next step after next week would be to change the website to reflect the new service and then start reaching out to the right people to find ways to build credibility, generate leads, and sell the package.