January 4, 2017

If I were to die in two years, what would I do?

I'd take the first year to ensure financial and emotional stability for my family, and then the second year to release all fear and enjoy. 

I'd take the first year to create something in this world, meet the people who inspire me, create alongside remarkable people. Share thoughts, feelings, philosophies with brilliant minds. My the beauty in me shine and find the light in the beautiful people in this world. 

Learn to love the beautiful people I already have in my life. Learn to cultivate my ego.

Prioritize my time and do more meaningful things. Be more productive, and value my time. 

For the coaching projects, I really want to learn more about what draws people to others, and what pulls people to us. That book definitely stand out to me, about taking a step back and seeing what people find beautiful about you, the energy and substance that belongs only to you, and fall in love with that person. 

The second is about showing people that they can expand as long as they're willing to work for it. Let them work for it. There's this disruption that doesn't necessarily have to be there; if it doesn't belong then perhaps we can eliminate it. 

The third is because of the challenge. I want to see where it takes me. It's about potential. When you see potential in something, live and breathe that potential and never stop digging.

I also want to be a more confident version of myself. In many ways, I have taken steps toward that journey. I think that these three separate journeys will help with this confidence. 

In addition, I wonder if I can fit "The Third I" in here. This will be a personal project. Maybe I can connect with the people I work with and ask them if they'd be interested in joining me in this journey.