Week: Dream Big, Tie Tight

This week is about allowing myself to dream and envision the future that is best fit for me, while also tying up loose ends and tying tie opportunities and blessings. Pulling the good things close and keeping the best things closer. 

What I see when I envision my future is lifestyle. I feel such a pull from natty Style's blog, and it's a pull of exploration and the luxury of freedom. But I do love having businesses on the side to do projects and keep myself hard. Other thing that took me forever to realize was that I want to create products that help people in their day to day lives, products that inspire and propel people. Another is that I want to change the world, and I'll need financial freedom and time to create things that will change the world. So Money is Key. Let's get into that mindset and attract some money. 

This week I'll be working on the product side of things, creating a journal/planner, creating a coaching routine, while also working on the Integrity Project and expanding Exhale Magic visibility. As far as WTA goes, I'll be reaching out to old clients and focusing on passive lead generation. WTA will not be my priority this week as it is not the fastest money maker and biggest priority. 

In terms of H-H, this will be a bigger priority as parents' retirement is becoming a greater and greater part of my life and priority. This week, I'll be submitting the appeal letter and also finalizing things with Deb.