June 30, 2018

The Endless Conversation

I just finished a difficult conversation and left it at a less than ideal state. The thing is, conversations like this never really end. There's no goal of the conversation, which seems strange as we're both solution-oriented people (maybe even a little too much). But neither of us had identified a specific outcome for the conversation. 

I then took a lovely walk around downtown Providence, which is magical by the way! It's exactly what I wanted for the weekend. The peace in the silence, the magic behind every corner. Walked into a little boutique shop and asked the owner for her story. She travels to NY for fashion shows and then shops to fill her collection with beautiful styles. WOW, what a job; what a life! What an inspiration! I felt myself come alive, felt the colors rushing through my body and realized--I've been so trapped in my own head, in my own body, in my own problems!

Returning to our original topic, we were either looking in the wrong places for answers, or we weren't asking the right questions to begin with. I believe it's a combination.

How can we ask better questions? 

How can we look in the right places?