Family WaterFire Trip

This past weekend, we attended our first Waterfire festival as a family! I've been wanting to take my family to this magical lighting for about a year now, and it was everything I imagined and more. 

It seems that every time we're together, the world dissolves in contagious and endless laughter, joy and bliss. The depth of our bond, understanding, and love is the most magical feeling I've ever known.

I say this all the time, but our family wasn't always this happy. There was a time we barely talked to each other. Over the years, we learned to do our part everyday, and a little bit more. 


Wild, Wild Mushroom

- 8pm on an 80 degree evening - 

Friend: Is that a mushroom??

Me: Wow, I think it is!

- 20 minutes later as we're identifying the mushroom (we think it's this one -

These bio-luminescent mushrooms glow brightest under the right conditions: at one day old, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the caps open, time is limited, and the bioluminescence fades.

...another instance of bucket list serendipity!



This one was a complete coincidence. My friend Kathy asked me if I'd be interested in archery, and so naturally, I said why not and crossed one off my list. 

37672626_10106252755344970_8559521052403695616_n (2).jpg

Message in a Bottle


Hello Stranger,

Stranger things have happened,
Taller walls have drowned.
Yours to mine connected,
To heights we must astound.

One cast into the currents
Waves friendship from the ground.
And ancient shores will empty
To send you and me home-bound.

Circus Trapeze

I had the honor of studying under legendary trapeze artist, Tito Gaona while I was in Florida. What a magnificent blend of peace and exhilaration. 

"Don't worry about the height, worry about the addiction," Tito says (as I'm terrified of heights!).