Solo Travels

Day 1: Oh, the waters: To slip through the human fingers and then hold a ship with the tip of a finger. A universe lives within the beating of my heart.


Day 2: Silence isn't empty. It's full of wonders, full of answers


Day 3: A wanderer? An adventurer? I say, a Wanderess. An Adventress. Left forever enchanted.


Day 4: Quiet is here and it is all in me.


Day 5: A normal day, filled with endless blessings and a midnight recognition of joy. The past few days have been marvelous and unforgettable. Today's original plans of horseback riding in the forest fell through, and as a result, I spent most of the day feeling empty. It wasn't until Hildy & I sat down to work on a project with a midnight deadline that I realized...THIS is bliss. Also, I've gotten to talk to almost everyone that I love. Time to call my parents and tell them Goodnight, and that I love them more today than I did yesterday.


Did I mention that I had one of the most romantic surprises there?

Hillary Wen