On Family

The prospect of having a family one day was always hazy to me. Realization. 

Happiness, togetherness, adventure are important family values to me, and I don't want my kids (should I have any) growing up in an unhappy family or under an unhappy marriage. I know no one does but it's especially important to me that kids (all kids, not just mine) have a healthy upbringing, that they grow up happy, beautiful, compassionate. That they experience everyday bliss and magic, and that they learn how to create it for themselves and others. That they feel deep affection and attention from both parents. That they can bring friends home and share with friends their deep happiness, beauty, and compassion, their everyday bliss and magic, their wisdom and strength of character learned from their parents. 

Sure, parents might have disagreements from time to time but the partnership, friendship, and love are far stronger, and I want them to learn that. I'm promising myself (and before everyone as witness) to never accept a relationship that doesn't support all of those (unless otherwise defined). Not sure if I'll ever have a family but if I do you can be sure it'll be a magnetic one.