The Truth About Magic

I’ve finally returned to normal life after a bit of traveling, a special thanks to The Equilibrium Journal for keeping me centered in this transition.

Last week, I was flipping through my journal and realized how left-heavy the past few weeks have been. For those who aren’t familiar with The Equilibrium Journal, just means the majority of my attention / energy has been focused on work, and not enough on life. After experimenting with the nomadic lifestyle for the past few months, I’ve been hyper-focused on shifting my mindset back to growing When Toys Age and our brands. Pressured with deadlines and self-imposed stress, I visited a local Barnes and Noble to get some work done and surrounded myself with books and people. After a few hours, I closed my laptop and started to explore, and picked up “The Truth About Magic” by Atticus.

I spent the next 2 hours reading and crying under the 10pm sky. It was like coming up for air. Somewhere between the way he feels love and the way he knows magic, I was reminded of the most treasured parts of me that I’ve suppressed to get into business-mode. The Truth About Magic lives by my bedside as a constant reminder that life is an infinite surrender to magic. Sometimes we wish upon a star, something we wish upon a book. That’s the truth about magic.