Day 4

Rejection 1:

Happy Thursday David Lee,

I write to you today with immense excitement and respect as your talk has inspired substantial action in the past few months. My name is Hillary and I, too, care deeply about helping individuals and organizations through today's business model and technological transitions. 

About six months ago, I founded an organization with a mission to help organizations align individual aspirations to their strategic goals, encouraging employees to expand outside of their roles and in a way, replace some responsibilities to make room to create their own roles. This quickly grew into a bigger mission of tightening B2B relationships and building community between organizations specifically through team connections. 

My current goal is to understand specific challenges within a team, and pair them up with a team from a different company that shares similar setbacks. Your discussion about the company-wide hackathon was particularly insightful to me, and I'd be honored for a chance to chat with you about your learning experience, and your thoughts about this mission. 

Any response from you would be deeply encouraging to this mission and to me. Grateful in advance for your time!

Wishing you the warmest and most magical of Holidays,


Rejection 2:

Asked Jim from Impact Hub to grow and raise a plant with me. He accepted!

Day 5

Asked my ex-partner to accept a break up and then perhaps start a new short story together one day. Close the book to our story and one day go on a first date again as changed people.